In 2016, the Straka family and James Nead set out to create nuanced and site-driven Viognier from the Napa Valley under their label, Straka Wines. The inspiration to craft such a wine came from Michael Straka, who has always had a deep passion for the grape. When a ton of fruit became available in the summer of 2016, we knew it was meant to be.

So why the bird? Michael’s family is from the Czech Republic and the name ‘Straka’ translates to magpie in that language. This bird is known for its mischievous personality and its tendency to steal shiny objects. James Nead’s family is from England - the name ‘Nead' originating from a family of ‘needle-stitchers’ or tailors. This is represented by the gold needle and thread in the bird’s beak.

We believe that winemaking happens in the vineyard and that a great site, focused farming and minimalist intervention come together to produce wines that are both delicate and pure.